About Us
BitForex Capital was founded in July 2019 as the investment division of BitForex. We focus on investing and incubating startups in blockchain, cryptocurrency management, quantitative trading, and the traditional internet. It is truly committed to the development and prosperity of the global economy. With team members from different countries, we work in South Korea, Russia, Europe, and other countries. We are one of the venture capital teams with the most international investment vision.
Our Mission
We want to find more potential premium projects in all industries and support them in early incubation and development. We want to help the global economy become more diverse and prosperous, and provide a solid foundation for the integration, efficiency, and transparency of the global economy.
Our Advantages
Strong financial and technical strength to support project incubation.
Listing opportunities through internal promotion, easily accessible to the market.
The professional project research team carefully selected before investment.
An excellent marketing team to drive value post-investment.

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