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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

BitForex Editor
Dec 18, 2020

Who doesn't want to know who invented bitcoin and deployed it anonymously in 2010? Of course, it is important to get to know who Satoshi Nakamoto is since he created bitcoin which some people now refer to as Digital Gold. Bitcoin is currently the most valuable cryptocurrency throughout the world and it would be nice to pick the brains of who's behind its ingenious plans.

All things Satoshi indeed tend towards technology mostly, then, finance and maybe business. And Satoshi's business sense would strike many as pinpoint accurate. His ability to make a plan that eventually earns millions of dollars, hypothetically, for himself and then many other people around the globe is world-class.

Besides what Satoshi must have amassed from the Bitcoin project being hypothetical, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is a controversial discussion — No one has seen him. The discussion eventually leads to guesses, hypotheses, and perhaps one possible impersonator. Can we tell the face of Satoshi Nakamoto or not? Let's find out.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Due to his anonymity, we've seen several people play detective, and always, their suspects deny the allegations of being the face of Satoshi Nakamoto. Some of the alleged Satoshi Nakamotos are Martii Malmi, Dorian Nakamoto, Elon Musk, Micheal Clear. However, one person claims to be Satoshi and is currently in a mess — Craig Wright.

The Alleged Faces of Satoshi Nakamoto

So far, Craig Wright is the only one who has claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. According to reliable sources, he even presented evidence to show that he was part of the kick-off of the bitcoin project in 2009. However, this revelation of Satoshi Nakamoto which should have been a piece of welcome news wasn't. Angry fans of bitcoin instantly rose to the occasion to prove that his claims are false.

However, here is how Martii Malmi became a suspect. Satoshi must have registered the bitcoin website; using an anonymous registration service in Japan. Also, he could have registered it there as well. However, in 2011, he transferred the registration to Finland, making Martii Malmi a top suspect.

Although Martin has shown unwavering interest in the cryptocurrency and developed its user interface, there is no strong evidence to make the connection worth believing.

Another victim of the identity detectives is Dorian Nakamoto. Apparently, He fits in being Japanese and with a matching name. Also, someone who was keen on investigating him found that his birth name was Satoshi Nakamoto. Yet the California based has only gone to legal extents to prove that he has nothing to do with being bitcoin’s Satoshi. He even spoke at a press conference to denounce the claim.

Elon Musk has played vital roles in successful businesses and his C++ programming skill is top-notch. However, he's not taking it lightly to the news that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. He even went as far a revealing his bitcoin fortunes. We can insinuate that if he was Nakamoto he won't have a mere 0.25 BTC as at the time of the allegation.

Of all the detective people, the investigation by Micheal Joshua Davis who is a journalist is quite interesting. Michael Clear, another suspect,  was a graduate student of cryptography at the renowned Trinity College in Dublin. The reason for picking on Michael Clear sounded badass. Joshua claims that Nakamoto’s online publications match Michael Clear based on Linguistics.

David Becks' case is one that has confused all over it. David Becks is one of the several who was suspected to be Satoshi Nakamoto. However, he seems like a bitcoin fanatic, making it hard to believe that he doesn't own it. He also went as far as objecting to Craig Wright's claims about being Satoshi. This objection was quite unwarranted as the majority of the cryptocurrency supportive populace already believe that Craig is a fake.

Enough guessing, it a quite obvious that Satoshi has ghosted everyone of us. And he is in fact, more than a step ahead of all the detectives trying to fish him out. Neither Micheal Clear, Elon Musk, Dorian, nor Martii seems to be keen on accepting the identity of Nakamoto.

Meanwhile, the closest person to being Nakamoto is Craig Wright. At least he came out boldly. But it appears that Craig is faux. Apparent owners of the bitcoin addresses he claimed to own have lashed their anger out at him for trying to claim what he is not. Now his claim to own over 1.1 million BTC means that he is attending court hearings in Florida. And recently his effort to prevent blowing things out of proportion has failed. Specifically, the court denied his request for a summary judgment

Satoshi Moves On Beyond Bitcoin

Satoshi still gets in touch when he wants to. The last time the crypto world heard anything from him, the summary of his message was that “he had moved on.” And this period has been long ago because even Gavin Andresen who he specifically claimed to be handing over to is now silent as the night.

Since the use of open-source code means that what you do can be seen by whoever is keen to see it, we know that whoever Satoshi is, his coding skills are excellent.

The bottom line remains that the best lead anyone can get on Satoshi is wild guesses, and maybe amazing theories. Satoshi Nakamoto has been clever enough to cover his tracks despite working extensively on bitcoin.

Also, you can conclude that Satoshi Nakamoto is an expert tech person or group who knows exactly what they are doing. The planning of the bitcoin success can not be overstated and it is a very big achievement regardless of whether Satoshi is a group or a person.

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