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Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable?

BitForex Editor
Sep 29, 2020

The profitability of bitcoin mining comes down to cheap electricity, capable mining computers, and the time on your hands. Despite these shortcomings, bitcoin mining will forever remain a profitable venture if you have the balls to take it up. However, as industrial bitcoin mining took over the playing field, bitcoin mining became for those with financial backings and time.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

It is a process where miners earn bitcoin in exchange for keeping an active verification process that validates each bitcoin transaction on the Blockchain. In simple terms, mining is compensation earned by those whose job is to ensure the Blockchain continues to work seamlessly and efficiently. Bitcoin mining ensures that the Blockchain continues to function as required and new bitcoins are introduced into the market to meet up the demand. Miners are large companies or individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to maintain the efficiency of the network and currency produced.

However, with all this verifying going on behind the scene, the credibility and accountability of miners must be checked. This is why the network needs miners on the Blockchain. They manage each other and ensure every transaction matches its destination. This is what miners checked and validates, and for every transaction checked and balanced, they get bitcoins as rewards.

The Profitability Of Bitcoin Mining

Miners make a profit when the price of bitcoin on the market is more than the cost of mining operations. Simple economics, you might say; when demand is less than supply – if this makes sense. For many people, mining bitcoin is associated with picking up a pickle ax, a shovel, and looking for valuables deep underground. Well, mining involves high tech hardware and a sophisticated system of data and computing power able to verify thousands of transactions. This process also protects the Blockchain against hackers to maintain the credibility of the block.

So as you can see, mining bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies is not that difficult. Get your system setup, solve the complex math problems, and get rewarded with bitcoins. When bitcoin mining started, miners could earn as much as 50 bitcoins every 10 minutes just by verifying the data through the block. A decade later, the process was overwhelmed, the world got wind of it, and everyone wanted in on the action. Solution – the big boys took over the process, miners did not get reward ever so often, and individual miners suffered greatly. However, there were mining pools where 2 or more people came together to control and split the cost and reward as the case may be.

How Does Bitcoin Mining Generate Profits?

Today bitcoin mining is carried out by specially designed and powerful hardware known as the rig that function 24hours a day to continually mine new bitcoin. However, in exchange for mining a new bitcoin, miners must help support the public ledger and validate the mining process of other miners. Each bitcoin mined belongs to a miner and enters the network as unverified or pending until it is validated and sold by the miner. The process is likened to a bank, you get a transfer, but you cannot make a withdrawal or get an alert until the bank certified its authenticity. The profit will only happen if the price on the market is more than the cost of mining the coins.

How Much Do Miners Earn?

The reward from mining bitcoins is halved every four years. In 2009, miners earned 50 bitcoin from mining a block. Three years later, it was reduced again to 25 bitcoin for mining a block and 12.5 bitcoin in 2016, and 6.25 bitcoin in 2020. How much profit your make is the amount of halving multiply by the price of Bitcoin on the market.

For example, bitcoin is going for $10,721 on the market. So if you completed a block, you get 6.25 bitcoin, which is 10, 721 * 6.25 = $ 67006.25. Now you have to subtract your cost to determine your profit. If you have something remaining, that is the profit. If not, it is time you joined a pool or reassess your mining procedures.

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable?

While bitcoin can be profitable, there are lots of variables that play into the profitability of the process. The cost of electricity and equipment is a major factor. If a miner lives in a geographical area where the power is cheap, they are at an advantage to other miners in regions with high energy costs. Mining tools cost anything from $3000 to $10,000, which is not cheap for small miners. However, in a mining pool, you will surely generate money from solving and verifying complex math problems within the Blockchain network.

With the calculation above, it is not exactly sure if the profit margin is reasonable or if miners are trying to break even in bitcoin mining.

While some are reaping huge rewards, others are reassessing their priorities. However, it is worth knowing that bitcoin mining is a high risk, high reward business, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. The future and profitability of mining bitcoin are uncertain, but as a miner, calculate your risk before you take the leap.

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