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Crypto Market Cap Breaks $1 Trillion Dollar

BitForex Editor
Jan 11, 2021

The movement in the crypto market to a cap breaking of over 1 trillion dollars didn't really come as a surprise. This is because the 2021 prediction done late last year predicted this reality. Yes, it is a big deal and so many crypto enthusiasts have a lot to say about what bitcoin capitalization will reach in the middle of this year. But the bigger picture remains a mystery, what does this market cap really mean to the world and investors?

What does this cap breaking mean?

1)The worth of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed

This is just the simple definition of what happened due to the bullish trend in the crypto market. A capping of over $1 trillion just explains the amount of money in circulation in this market is not $1 but actually $1trillion. If you cannot picture a million dollars, you might find it difficult to picture a worth this high which is equivalent to Apple's worth halved into two. Yes, that big!

With this massive rise, the amount of money in fiat equivalence to crypto has also increased for current and prospective investors. More than that, this also implies that the bitcoin cap has a greater tendency of following the main body to reach this same amount as the year progresses. With just about a 300billion dollars more, bitcoin will cap break to its trillion and cause the main changes analysts have been expecting in the world market.

2) Cryptocurrencies maintains a sought after asset

Everybody seems to be looking for reliable assets that would not just increase their net worth but would also be continuously effective. From gold to the stock market to real estate, the search is endless as the possibility of turning those investments into real profit is the focus.

With this capitalization break of crypto into a trillion dollars, it finally becomes a haven for owning assets in this place. Interestingly, cryptocurrencies are not governed by rules of authority as it has maintained autonomy ever since its introduction which is a major bonus for owners. With cryptocurrencies, investors are sure of secured assets that have a higher probability of rising without limitations.

Also, the cryptocurrency system encourages more fiat currencies to be stored and traded with complete anonymity to the transaction. More so, the most sought after crypto which is the bitcoin is very hard to get as mining it is not only scarce but highly-priced. So, the best bet everytime for assets seekers will always be crypto especially with this new rise that isn't stopping anytime soon.

3) Cryptocurrencies will keep rising

The crypto market has experienced a major upshoot over the years as none of the currencies in this system has remained stagnant. Currently, the value of bitcoin is over thirty thousand dollars with a cap price of nearly 700 billion dollars. The bitcoin cap price alone is mindblowing as moved by about 150% in just 2020 alone. With this rise, it will be impossible to assume that this currency will fall more than it will rise as on daily basis, there are positive fluctuations in the prices.

Another cryptocurrency that is bound to keep rising is Ethereum. It was at a staggering amount at the beginning of 2020 but got a major pull up to more than 800% of its original value. Though next in line to the bitcoin, it is still not close to the value as it is still at $1222 as at the time of writing. However, the market cap price is also following bitcoin but with more than a $500billion difference.

The Ripple coin comes after the Ethereum but has experienced a major decline due to some regulations to its system. Even with that, it is still at a promising value of $0.33 which is a good investment platform for newbies. Other coins in the crypto market are also doing well and have contributed to the overall market cap break crypto is experiencing. This also doesn't exclude the stable coins and also government-financed coins like Yearn finance that are also on the move in this trend.

4) Current investors have an upper hand in gaining more

Nobody is happier with this crypto breaking news than existing investors as they can easily say they have gained in the new year. An increase in the price of the circulation of money in the crypto market is prone to affect all investors as it is already visible in its equivalence to dollars.

With the price of bitcoin reaching over thirty-eight thousand dollars, other cryptocurrencies followed soothe by scaling above their regular value. Ethereum increased by 13% instantly and pressed over the projected amount by analysts. So, if you already have a share of these cryptocurrencies before the upshoot, happiness in the air will also be your reality without a doubt.

5) The global economy will be heavily supported

It is the crypto market that has experienced a capitalization breaking of over a trillion dollars but it doesn't just stop there as the global economy has shared a part of it. This major breaking has made the crypto market surpass the swiss economy in its totality. What this means is that the crypto market can confidently buy off the Swiss market which is known to own a major part of the world gold vault in history. But that is not the juicy part, the crypto market has now become a force that prompts world central banks to deals that helps the general economy which is a good move.

Final thought

All these and more is what a trillion-dollar in circulation in the crypto market has done and it is projected to keep moving forward. With further predictions of conversion of fiat and gold into crypto which is quite inviting, it becomes advisable to hop in before it becomes too late. Crypto market has moved faster than its previous prediction so it is safe to say it will do the same for further predictions. Secure a spot today just as prominent celebrities have done to enjoy what the future holds for crypto investors.

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