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The Top 5 Bitcoin Debit Cards

BitForex Editor
Apr 01, 2021

By now, anyone that has not heard about Bitcoin should probably be getting back from the moon. The whole earth is shaking from the immense growth Bitcoin has had in some years, and many people are buying into the whole plan of the digital currency ruling the way we buy and sell. Interestingly, it is not only us but multi-billion-dollar companies that have started investing in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency as a means for diversifying and expanding their growth and increasing their revenue. Recently, Visa announced that Crypto enthusiasts could not settle payments on the Ethereum network using the USDC. A major step in the right direction in harmonizing the opportunities both digital and traditional currencies can offer people. Welcome to a new job.

Consequently, Bitcoin debit cards allow individuals to be able to carry out transactions easily. Here is the catch, individuals no longer have to convert the Bitcoin to local currencies anymore; with the debit cards, they can go to any ATM and withdraw cash. You load up the cards with the amount of Bitcoin you desire and automatically get converted anytime you make a purchase or withdrawal. Now, we are living in a world of new possibilities. Each Debit card has its perks that endear individuals to them; some cards have great cashback policies, while others are exclusive keys for U.S residents. Ultimately, we will look at the five best Bitcoin cards that are used in 2021.

From the Visa announcement, it is evident that is going to play a massive role in the introduction of visa settlement on the Ethereum network. This exchange was one of the first to have debit cards, and it is versatile in its operations. Individuals that trade on have the privilege of trading on 90 different cryptocurrencies. This allows the card to support multiple cryptocurrencies. So, even if you have Bitcoin, Ripple, or Bitcoin, this debit card supports those coins. However, there is a little drawback that individuals might frown at. The cards with better advantages cost a whole lot more than the standard cards. So, in essence, there is a premium card and a standard card for individuals.

Bitwala Card

Have you ever thought about what it would be like without monthly charges on your Debit card or anything you own quote frankly? The answer is No, right? Now, here is one of the reasons individuals love this debit card. Bitwala eliminates the need to pay monthly charges on cardholders anywhere Visa is accepted. This means, as long as Visa is accepted where they are using Bitcoin and Ethereum for their transactions, there is no monthly charge. There are also advanced security details added as a feature for the card to protect the holder from any breach. Unfortunately, this card is only available in Europe, and it requires an account in Bitwala. It does not have the luxury of a card as Bitwala only accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum.


This debit card allows you to reload Bitcoin from your Bitpay Wallet with no fee charges. Also, it is widely accepted in the world. So, you can purchase and make transactions anywhere in the world. However, there is a $10 issue fee when you get the card, plus if you are inactive for 90 days, there is a fee attached.


We love a card that charges little or no fees when we withdraw and perform other transactions. One of these cards that resonate with people is the Blockcard. There is a flat fee that holds pay monthly, but that is a palatable situation with the learning cashback returns policy. But, for the Block Cardholder to start enjoying these benefits, they have to undergo some procedures. First, prospective cardholders will need to buy Ternio tokens to make transactions with the card. Secondly, a verification process could take a long time before being approved by the authorities. Both woes affect the experience of getting the card.

Nexo Card

The Nexo card harmonizes the features of both the physical and virtual card. Both cards offer no transaction fees or monthly fees also. The Nexo card allows cardholders to make purchases easily online with the creation of virtual cards. Holders can also get cashback on their purchases with payments done in their local currencies. It works like a normal debit card where you can change the PIN at the ATM.


It is best to know how these cards work and, more importantly, first check if they work in your country before choosing to get them. Then, validate the features to avoid any complications and start enjoying the new world of possibilities.

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