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What is a Basic Attention Token(BAT)?

BItForex Editor
Dec 30, 2020

What if I told you that there is a way to browse the internet safely, freely, and swiftly This is without unnecessary ads and fraudulent posts and still gets paid? Since the birth of the internet, advertisers have used this medium to garner attention for their brands, products, or services. While you and I watch these adverts, we never get acknowledged or paid for them.

Despite the growth in technology and innovation, it has been a problem for years. Well, that is until Brendan Eich developed a system that could change all that using the Basic Attention Token BAT.

It is based on the Blockchain infrastructure that will monetize user attention by paying them for watching ads on their browsers.

Hmmm, you might be wondering, isn’t this already happening? Yes, but this time, you actually get paid for your attention over the ads.

It is not a scam. We will not blame you if you thought so, but kindly read on; it might be worth your time on the internet.

Before we delve in, the Basic attention token or BAT is the formal driver of the Brave browser.

Brave Browser – what is that?

Brave is a fast and secure open-source web browser built on the same chromium technology that powers Google. It is to block ads, popups, malware, and trackers from your page. To clearly understand this browsing platform, imagine a system without ill intent ads that interrupt their seamless use of the internet. Some of these adverts contain malware that invades and disrupts your own browsers too.

What Brave does is to actively block them and improve the internet browsing experience. This looks like a disadvantage for advertisers, publishers, and the users who make money from these ads. No, it is not. It helps them to create better ads that are less invasive and aggressive to online user’s privacy.

Although the system was made for Brave, it is not limited to this browser; it works seamlessly with other plug-ins and extensions with the chromium software.

So what is the token for? The BAT token is the native utility token for Brave.

What is Basic Attention Token?

This is a digital adverting token utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain. It aims at creating an exchange marketplace where advertisers get value for their work without the middlemen.

BAT is a decentralized system that will connect and reward users, content publishers, and advertisers without unnecessary ads or malware.

1.The Basic Attention Token will serve as a safe and secure means of exchange and transaction.

2.Creates a decentralized system where everyone is duly acknowledged for their hard work

3.Advertisers get better returns for their content without scammers infiltrating it.

4.Publishers and other content creators get what is truly theirs.

5.The user gets paid for paying attention to the ads popping up on their page.

6.You get to see what you want without all the ads.

And as mentioned, although the BAT is incorporated in the Brave browser system, it works seamlessly with other browsers too.

What is the benefit of the BAT?

1.Speed – BAT blocks unnecessary ads that cause your browser to lag, consuming more data than usual. This ultimately saves you money, reduces lag, speeds up browser time, and ensures your contents are safe.

2.Secures your system – alongside regular ads are malicious adverts. They penetrate your computer’s defense walls allowing hackers access to personal data and information. 

3.While most people are oblivious of this fact, BAT prevents such malware, thereby keeping your computer and information safe.

4.Improves privacy as you use the internet - we are all aware of the Facebook scandals. When the personal information of many users was accessed without their permission. Well, as ads invade your system, you are not aware of the right or wrong one where you drop your personal information. Sometimes just by accepting a cookie, you have automatically given access to your system to a stranger. BAT prevents this by targeting ads that aim to steal your identity.

How the BAT works?

BAT is designed to protect users, publishers, and advertisers from scammers stealing the reward from their hard work via the Brave web browser using the token. So when any of these three opens an account with the browser, the system immediately becomes isolated and protected.

This allows publishers to freely create content, sell to advertisers, and decide how much it is worth according to the user’s attention to the ads. So when users view the ads they gain BAT tokens that can be used on the platform or donated to the publishers.

The more tokens you get, the safer and private your data is over the browser. It also allows the system to showcase adverts tailored to your needs instead of getting too many unwanted and malicious ads.

For publishes and advertisers, it limits their content from entering the hands of fraudulent persons and reaping better ROI from their works. You need a BAT wallet after registration.

The Team

Since its ICO in 2017 on the Ethereum network, it has grown to unimaginable dimensions with over 1 million users and growing. Their ability to create a user-friendly system is one of their major successes with the BAT.

So who is the team behind this revolutionary change? Well, first off is Brendan Eich. Okay, just in case you are wondering who he is? He is the creator of the computer language JavaScript.

Until JavaScript came along, computers were static and difficult, but Brendan created a dynamic and easier system. He is also one creator of Mozilla Firefox, Evernote, and the most popular academic platform, Khan Academy.

He is not working alone but has a team of globally acclaimed engineers, including Yan Zhu. She worked as security personnel for Yahoo and elected World Wide Web Consortium’s Technical Architecture Group (TAG). Together with other competent brains have confidence in BAT.?

Not to exaggerate the importance of BAT, it brings PRIVACY to online users; eliminate online scams, fraud, and malicious content associated with digital content. BAT is what the world needs as we depend more on online to get things done.

Hopefully, the team would keep pushing their products until the world learns to understand that we need this idea to create a safer, secure, and sustainable online platform.

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