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What is ECOMI(OMI)?

BitForex Editor
Feb 22, 2021

Ecomi, a company that resides in Singapore is a technology company that is at the forefront when it comes to digital collectibles space.  Ecomi, with the help of the VeVe app, has been able to adjoin or rather bring about the pop culture and also the entertainment industry into this present century.  

With the VeVe app, users are being treated with the privilege of accessing ownership of digital collectibles.  Users, through the app marketplace, can achieve quite a lot all from the palm of their hands. They can also share and exchange collectibles with the VeVe community.  

What can one do with the VeVe?

Even though the app hasn't been revealed, it is still important to know its features and what it brings to the table. Below are the 5 main components of the VeVe app, with each carrying its own features and also function.

1.The VeVe store: This store makes it possible and easy to have access to either collect the characters which you consider favorites or, have access to your virtual goods. In addition, you can also create a watch list and do a whole lot of activities, including completing your collectible sets.

2.Social feed: It makes little sense of having a collection when others can't view it. With the use of the integrated social feed, you are certainly going to not only share your collections but also find digital collectibles which you have desired.

3.Augmented reality showroom: The whole essence of having collectibles is to showcase them. The showrooms have gone digital the same way the premium collectibles have also gone digital.  With that being said, the themes, rooms, and other options are already cust OMI zed which makes interacting with your digital collectibles in augmented reality.  

4.The secondhand market: In a matter of seconds, exchanging your collectibles either through buying or selling with users all around the world is being made easy. It is better to picture this as an e-bay of digital collectibles.  With this, you can create a watch list, place bids, and once the auctions are won, you can then add them to your personal collection.

5.Wallets: The wallets make it possible to keep hold of your digital collectibles, have them converted either from or to germs. All these are done while following up with your transaction history.  

Ecomi, intends to bring to the market, 4 products, with 3 apps and not to mention 2 hardware devices.

1.Secure wallet: The world is evolving and so is the way monies are being handled. We all know how tasking it can be, walking around with huge credit cards when everything can become digital. This wallet is never stamped to a particular online device, as it has the capacity to secure private keys for more than 20+ currencies, the NFT's and decentralized apps inclusive.  

2.Ecomi Vault: With the Ecomi vault, you can rest assured that all your sensitive information and not to mention data would be carefully protected.

3.Ecomi collects:  This is more or less like the leading factor of the Ecomi ecosystem. With this platform, recognizable digital collectibles which are licensed are being brought forward to the mainstream.  

4.Ecomi one: If there is ever a need to make payment with relative ease and convenience, then this can store over 20+ cryptocurrencies, and not to mention NFC-enabled cards. A good example is a credit card or debit card that is still functioning and loyalty cards.

Getting started with the OMI Token

As mentioned earlier, the VeVe which is a blockchain-based digital platform that the Ecomi duly built. But to achieve its aim, which is to acquire or better still own a digital collectible, the platform requires a token. The name of the token is what's been called OMI.

The OMI token serves as a medium of exchange, most especially when you buy, sell, or even trade your digital collectibles.  

Furthermore, the OMI token makes ownership available, hence making it crystal clear so that you are fully aware of not just the authenticity but also what you are buying is legit.

Additionally,  the total supply of the OMI token is about 750bn OMI. Plus, the ticker symbol is obviously OMI and the token type is GO20.

Moreover, it is important to know that the OMI token is a utility token. What this means is that it has a specific purpose in its design, and that is it being traded for digital collectibles. All these are executed on the VeVe platform.  

How the OMI token was sold
Funds are essentially important in any area that involves building. Whether it is digital or physical. Hence, the OMI token had to be sold to the public in a more private/pre-sale round. This was carried out or executed through what is known as an initial exchange offering (IEO) on the Bitforex exchange.   Discounts weren't granted to any pre-sale investors even as the raise resulted in 1500BTC. Throughout this raise, the OMI token was mentioned at just 1 Satoshi. Just under 12 hours, about 50 BTC worth of OMI was purchased through the public sale/IEO.

OMI Token Contact Address

The OMI token is built on the GoChain block. The Gochain may need to be added as a custom network,  but all this depends on the wallet in which you want to use. Moreover, you might want to ensure it is compatible before proceeding to add and also store the OMI token.

Additionally,  it is recommended that you store your OMI tokens with the Ecomi secure wallet as it is very much safe.

VeVe smart contracts and addresses

With the VeVe, all transactions are handled through smart contracts. Plus, they can be viewed in real-time by accessing it with the GoChain block explorer.  To make it more convenient, there is a tracking site that should be launched at least before the end of February 2021. With this new development, it would be much easier to not only collect but also display feeds and give the users the freedom to track the ecosystem in a single location.  

With that being said, we have successfully touched everything regarding the Ecomi (OMI) and not to mention the VeVe platform. Lastly, it is important to know that the information delivered is subjective, meaning they liable to change.

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