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Where to Discuss Bitcoin?

BitForex Editor
Jan 11, 2021

Apparently, the current reason why Bitcoin would be the talk of the town, be on every page and corner of the web is that it is currently performing well above expectations. The cryptocurrency is currently over $23,000 and is currently at an all-time high. So if you've been finding it difficult to find out about Bitcoin before it should be easier now than ever. However, before this jolly time for the people with Bitcoin in their pockets, there are places you can go to if you need to know something about the cryptocurrency.

Indeed it is key to know where to get info on the best performing cryptocurrency — the rave of the moment. And in this article, we'll discuss why it's important to discuss Bitcoin and the places where you can get to discuss the cryptocurrency.

Why discuss Bitcoin?

When you interact with people about Bitcoin, there are two major things to take away. First, you can gain insight into the stock market. For instance, the current trend and you might be able to predict the future of the currencies too. Another thing is that you can share opinions on these forums.

Sometimes you need to have a general overview of what is happening with cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, many of these platforms allow you to also talk about other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies have made some people millionaires, and the information you need to secure your financial success might just be in one of these discussion groups. Without further ado, here are some of the places that you can discuss Bitcoin. is quite popular. You can get the latest info on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies here. But the website also has a forum where you can discuss all you want to about Bitcoin. Like many of the Bitcoin forums, here you have to register to use the forum. The forum makes it easier for you to register if you're already on existing social networks like blogger, Twitter, and LinkedIn among others. And if you don't have any of these networks you can also register through the forum directly. The process requires you to agree to some terms and conditions. Besides that, the process is not difficult.

The forum has different categories, on some, you can discuss media, such as YouTube videos and other popular Bitcoin media content online. Some subforums help to streamline the discussions to specifics.

Bitcoin Garden

As the name implies, Bitcoin Garden is a pleasant community to share your idea and views on the cryptocurrency bitcoin and to get to know more about it and the happenings concerning it. Bitcoin Garden appears to be more of a content aggregator as you would see when you visit its first page. The company behind this cryptocurrency social media is profit-oriented. This means that they will be quite dedicated to making sure that the platform works effectively. So, if you have content on Bitcoin that you want people to see, Bitcoin Garden is a good place to share. Conversations are also welcome on the platform but you need to visit its forum which is Another webpage dedicated to people sharing their Bitcoin ideas.

Bitcointalk forum

Most people who want to know something about Bitcoin would most likely have come across this website But what has that got to do with discussing bitcoin? Bitcoin Forum is a branch of the website that allows individuals who are Bitcoin oriented to connect. The interface is simple. On the homepage, you can easily see the different discussions available and the topics that the discussions focus on. Let's give some examples of what you can come across. There could be topics like wallet software, mining software, and announcements.


If there any place that could be best suited for any discussion it's Reddit. The creators of this medium made it be based on community and it's doing just that. So, what topic are we talking about again? Bitcoin, yes you can discuss Bitcoin on Reddit. To understand the extent that Reddit goes, almost everything has a community on Reddit. And if you search the web, you'll realize that Reddit has several subreddits with Bitcoin. You can ask questions on the discussions and you can post what you think about Bitcoin. You never can tell you could be the next Bitcoin blogger on the block. How? We'll, Reddit has a system where users can upvote or downvote content that creators put up. If you catch the eye of many people, you can get a really good following from Reddit.

Some Bitcoin Subbredits are:







Many people would see telegram as WhatsApp’s major competitor in the messaging sector. That is true, another thing that is true is that telegram thrives more with communities than the latter. There are many telegram groups with their purposes. And one of those purposes is that you can find a place to discuss Bitcoin. Telegram is an amazing platform because the group allows lots of people to join. It seems to never get full. This makes it a good place to get ideas about Bitcoin from people as well as share what you think about it. Since the interface is a simple chat type. You only have to input your questions or ideas in the chatbox and send them. Many groups however have their rules and regulations which you have to abide by to prevent getting kicked out.

Here are some telegram channels where you can discuss cryptocurrency.:

Bitcoinist.Com News


Bitcoin News

Let's Talk BTC

Crypto | Bitcoin | Blockchain\_Bitcoin\_Blockchain

Listing all the possible places where you can discuss Bitcoin is a daunting task. There are many places to discuss the topic of the best performing cryptocurrency. But while we might not be able to give you all that there is. This article contains the most popular and trusted places to talk about bitcoin or get the target audience to recognize your work. These places of discussion will help you to get more insight into bitcoin, understanding some situations with the currency, and would improve knowledge about cryptocurrencies in general.

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