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Why Should You Invest in Safemoon?

BitForex Editor
May 11, 2021

Don't be surprised that during conversations, your friend keeps checking his or her phone for updates. You are trying to have a decent conversation with a friend, and he keeps looking at charts all through. Well, that is how much cryptocurrency has taken over the financial market. The lives of so many people have been impacted by the highs and lows of the cryptocurrency market today. Some of the most used apps on people's phones are Robinhood, Tab trader, and Trading view. Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, and the interesting thing about it is it is not only Bitcoin and Ethereum that are intriguing people. But the other cryptocurrencies that are coming out have filled crypto enthusiasts with joy. The prospects that these new cryptocurrencies have already could be possible to surmount the precedent set by Bitcoin and Ethereum. But it is still pretty easy to judge at this point. However, we will talk about one cryptocurrency that is making the rounds in Crypto news worldwide. The Safemoon cryptocurrency, which some have liked to the enigmatic Dogecoin.

Before we delve into why you should invest in SafeMoon, let's look at some things you should know about the Safemoon.

What is Safemoon?

Many people use the slogan "To the Moon" when they see the market going in a bullish direction. This is common with the Holder of Cryptocurrency that will wait for an all-time high before they sell – you know yourselves. However, Safemoon is created to take over the digital currency space and was founded by John Karony.

Safemoon is an exciting development for many investors. It gives them the luxury of becoming very rich, the altcoin rewards holders; hence "To the moon" is a slogan that will be said a lot when trading Safemoon.

However, many have termed Safemoon a scam because they don't understand the mechanism behind it. The Mere fact that the digital currency rewards people for merely loading is an alien term to some while crypt enthusiasts enjoy the prospect of altcoin. Interestingly, the Safemoon coin rose to 900% but lost 50% of that rise in a couple of days. Another reason for epitope tagging as a scam is the rise and fall of the coin rice in the market, which is only normal.

Far from it, Safe Moon is an altcoin that has come to stay; it also has the backing of celebrities like Jake Paul and Lil Yachty. But besides these celebrities backing like Elon Musk for Dogecoin. Safemoon has other products that will entice investors.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in Safe Moon

The History of Altcoins

Many people will be grateful to Elon Musk for making them a lot richer as his backing of Dogecoin has greatly impacted the way people perceive digital currency. Imagine people who invested in Dogecoin a month ago; you need to see them jubilating right now. All because they held and did not sell.

In the same vein, Safemoon follows the same procedure; it is an amazing opportunity for investors, and what better way to invest than to relax and watch your money grow. Although Safe move dropped in recent times, it is not going to be a surprise when it rides again. Dogecoin dropped after its first big pump; it was there that the naysayers started criticizing it. Until recently, it picked up the pace again, flying to the moon. Most definitely, Safemoon will follow suit with the backing of influential people.

The Recent Developments

There has been some notion by top cryptocurrency personalities about Safemoon. Although it has great promise to become top of the food chain, the coin needs more than a prospect to thrive in the digital currency world. Safemoon needs to have more functionality value than being a prospect.

As a result of this criticism, the Safemoon team developed a Roadmap that allows people to use Safemoon as a coin to buy NFTs; by this, the prestige and price of the coin will rise since it is in more demand.

Also, to counter the issues raised by experts, Safemoon developed a Safemoon wallet and App for easy transactions among users. Furthermore, the Safemoon team incorporated games so that there would be more users buying NFTs and other tokens with Safemoon. Now, there would be a marketplace where users would be able to use Safemoon for their games and other digital collectives.

Finally, Safemoon is seeking to latch Safemoon exchange in Africa, creating jobs and increasing its visibility across the market. Asides from penetrating Africa, Safemoon will launch its charitable scheme across various parts of Africa. The Team believes that many investors give towards a great cause using cryptocurrency. Hence, it would be a great way to get people to invest in Safe Moon.


It is understood that there is a lot of confusion with the Safemoon altcoin; this was more or less the situation with Bitcoin when it first came out. Many people did not believe in the coin; it was $1 a decade ago, and now it is worth $56,088.40. How many people are regretting why they did not invest in Bitcoin years ago. Now there's a chance to take advantage of another opportunity in the digital space. With the prospects of many bitcoins rising, Safemoon can truly take many investors to the moon.

However, you need to make further inquiries. Check Bit Forex for the daily rates so you can deduce how the price fluctuates. With the number Someone is pulling recently, it cannot be wishful thinking to say that it will get to Bitcoin and Ethereum. We might have to wait for some time, but it is a possibility.

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