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How to Buy and Sell your Ecomi Tokens on Uniswap?

BitForex Editor
Apr 13, 2021

With so many digital tokens available in the market space, there is an urgency in locating a reliable and efficient platform to buy as well as sell a token. However, it would interest you to know that the uniswap is not only known to be one of the most popular decentralized exchanges, but also a very efficient one at that. So, in this article, we shall give you a brief insight on the uniswap and how one can buy as well as sell his or her Ecomi tokens. This is why it is important you keep reading to become enlightened. But before we talk about that, let's briefly discuss uniswap as well as Ecomi.

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a decentralized protocol that makes it possible to exchange different cryptocurrencies.  In the digital market space, there are various problems. One of the problems is as a result of the centralized exchanges which take it upon themselves to exhibit so much power and control, but since the emergence of a decentralized exchange, such as the uniswap that authority and control have been drastically brought to a standstill.  Also, one of the stand-out points the uniswap does is to enable new businesses to get access to international liquidity.

Benefits of Uniswap

1.Flexibility: One thing that the uniswap offers is the ability to allow different Ethereum assets to easily swap against a liquidity pool.

2.Secure: Another stand-out benefit of the uniswap is that it is very much secure. A user needs not worry about anything concerning this network as the platform is non-custodial as well as its smart contract coding being secure.  

3.Censorship-Resistance: With the uniswap being a decentralized network, users can rest assured of not suffering from any authority that can block their funds. There is no rule of law to checkmate if a user has over traded or under traded. One thing the user has to know is that each user is treated equally and fairly.  

Moving forward, the next line of action would be to talk about what Ecomi is all about. So, in this section, we shall give you a brief insight on what you should know about the Ecomi.

What are Ecomi tokens?

First of all, with the emerging statistics of fraudulent activities happening in the digital space, investors or users are on the lookout for how best they can protect not only their tokens but also their NFTs. With that being said, the purpose of the Ecomi is to ensure that cryptocurrencies, as well as NFTs, are secured. Making it possible to carry out the purchase and sale of NFTs from just a single location.  

With an emphasis on security, the Ecomi intends to be at the apex of digital asset security, which is why they have indeed made room for their secure wallet. The secure wallet has the capability of accommodating over 1000 digital assets.

Getting to know the OMI Token

The Ecomi duly built the VeVe, a blockchain-based digital platform. This platform needs or better still requires a token, and the name of the token is known as the OMI token. What this OMI token does is enable the buying, selling, and even trading of your digital collectibles. Furthermore, it would interest you to know that the OMI token creates room for ownership. Hence, making the user be fully aware of what he or she is purchasing is fully legit.  

Now, to the business end of this article, the next line of action would be to explain how to list a Ecomi token on uniswap.

How to List an Ecomi (OMI) token on Uniswap

Over the years, the finance industry has put a stamp on its users through centralized exchanges. This has had a setback on most of its users, hence most users are keen on using the decentralized models where there is no authority or total control. Without going back and front, we shall discuss how to list an Ecomi (OMI) token on uniswap. However, in order to achieve this, there are just a few things to keep into consideration.

1.You have to install the MetaMask

2.The next step would be to put your ERC-20 token contract to ethereum

3.You will have to move your ERC-20 token to your MetaMask wallet

Now, to list your Ecomi(OMI) tokens on uniswap, here are the necessary steps to adhere to:

Step 1. The first line of action would be to create an exchange on uniswap. That way, uniswap would be able to know your token which is the Ecomi (OMI) token.  

Step 2. The next step would be for you to have your MetaMask wallet connected
Step 3. You would then see a 'pool' option on the upper right and that is what you would have to select.
Step 4. Next line of action would be to select create exchange
Step 5. The next option you will be expected to click on is the select a token option
Step 6. You would then be requested to put down your Ecomi (OMI) token address on the search name field displayed
Step 7. You will then have to click on the create exchange option
Step 8.  The final step would be for you to confirm and by clicking on the confirm option, you have then completed the process.

Furthermore, it is expected that you add liquidity especially given the fact that you would have created an exchange for your Ecomi (OMI) tokens.   


Again, you should know that the uniswap is one of the most popular decentralized exchanges on offer. The price has been on an ever rise since it joined the market space. So, investors shouldn't be worried about the uniswap. Also, the Ecomi (OMI) token which has been around for quite a while now has a secure wallet. Plus, with the Ecomi emphasizing security, users can have been resting assured that their tokens are secured.

So, having talked extensively on what the uniswap is as well as given an insight on the Ecomi(OMI) token and how to list it on uniswap, it is then assumed the user is fully prepared to start enjoying his or her exchange hassle free.

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