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All You Need To Know About Eazyswap

BitForex Editor
Sep 29, 2020

Eazyswap Introduction

The ERC20 protocol based token has been criticized for different reasons and this has ignited the development of other less problematic tokens. Now, this does not mean that the Ethereum token is terrible. In fact, it has held the forte for a really long time and it would take a while for any other token to dethrone it. Nonetheless, trading in Ethereum incurs charges that increase the rate of trading. One of these charges is the gas fee.

One factor which determines how high the gas fee may rise is the traffic on the Blockchain. Periods with high records of traffic automatically attract higher gas fees than. Knowing the cryptocurrency market, you can tell that traffic is almost always increasing and this implies that the gas fee would keep climbing as well. For users to stand a higher chance of getting their transactions processed, they would have to spend a lot more gas fees than the average user. Reports stated that in the past few days, miners have begun recording an average of $500,000 per hour just from gas fees. This feature has warranted complaints from many peers on the Ethereum Blockchain and thus far, nothing is being done to eliminate the coat or at most, lower it.

As a result of this, an alternative had to be introduced swiftly. Eazyswap which is a subsidiary of the cryptocurrency giant, BitForex, is a new trading platform with highly encouraging incentives. We all know that every trading platform comes with its own fees but with Eazyswap, you get to save more when you make transactions or initiate contracts.

Eazyswap Features

Eazyswap has been likened to Uniswap not just because of the similarity in name but because it offers very intuitive opportunities that have also been noticed on Uniswap. We have clearly outlined all the major features of Eazyswap in this article.

The Protocol

Like many others in the Blockchain is decentralized. This implies that there is no central entity controlling transactions, transfers, or contracts therefore giving peers control over the network. The advantage of this feature is that users have full access to the data on the block and do not have to seek permission from any server before making changes or sharing the information.

Gas Fees Are Eliminated

This is probably the biggest advantage that Eazyswap has over Ethereum and many other cryptocurrency graphic tokens. With the surge in gas fees, it is only expected that cryptocurrency traders would opt for a less expensive alternative and that is what this platform offers. By eliminated, we don’t mean reduced to a negligible amount. What you get is a ZERO gas fee trading platform when you carry out transactions with Eazyswap.

Support Variable Tokens

The platform sustains other cryptocurrency graphic tokens including Ethereum. Although** Eazyswap** was built to eliminate the problems associated with trading on the Ethereum Blockchain, the platform is also designed to accommodate trading with Ethereum. In other words, users can trade Ethereum tokens on Eazyswap without being charged for the gas fee. For now, no other platform has been able to achieve this feat and that places** Eazyswap** on a good pedestal in the industry.

Records stored on the Ethereum Blockchain are accessible by the protocol. Traders do not need to worry about trading their Ethereum tokens on the BitForex subsidiary as the platform has authorized access to the data on the ERC20 protocol.

100% Trading Fees Reward

The liquidity provider responsible for handling transactions on** Eazyswap** is granted an opportunity of getting as much as 100% of the trading fees. This comes as a reward to the pool provider and therefore, no charges are required to earn the reward. The network sees this as an incentive for not only the liquidity provide but the user as well.

Being a platform run by BitForex,Eazyswap adopts some of the features of its parent protocol which is no surprise. Some of these features include but are not limited to:

Friendly User Interface

If there is an award that BitForex and Eazyswap would easily claim, it would be the award for the most friendly user interface. Users do not need to be tech-inclined before they can navigate their way around the platform as the protocol was built with simplicity in mind.

Support Variable Tokens

Supports a wide range of cryptocurrency graphic tokens. This makes it easier for cryptocurrency traders to trade any token without having to switch platforms.

To use Eazyswap, all you need to do is:

1.Log on to the Eazyswap

2.Choose a smart contract template provided by Eazyswap

3.Stake token.

4.Wait and earn.

With zero gas fees, highly supportive protocol, and attractive liquidity rates,Eazyswap may just be the next big thing for Blockchain traders. BitForex has assured users that they would roll out more features to the new platform soon and we can’t see all that they have up their sleeves.

About BitForex:

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