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How To Generate Free Bitcoin?

BitForex Editor
Aug 19, 2020

It is no gainsaying that the Cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative money-making industry in the world.  This is because the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become the order of the day for different investors and businessmen to carry out their businesses effectively without the stress attached to dealing with monetary cash.

Asides from ensuring that businesses are carried out with ease and comfort, the advantage of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies transcends to the fact that you can actually earn cool money trading with the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

So, against these backdrops, a lot of bitcoin wallet owners go the extra mile to make sure that they generate free bitcoin into their wallets to either trade with or invest in other businesses.

To generate free bitcoins isn’t actually as free as it is being inferred, as you actually have to work, spend quality time, and sometimes rack your brain to get the free bitcoin half of the time.

But regardless of the time, energy, or intelligence spent in generating free bitcoin, the most important thing is that you get your free bitcoin in the long run, and listed below are five ways through which you can claim free bitcoin into your bitcoin wallet.

Five Ways to Generate Free Bitcoin 

Bitcoin Faucets

First introduced in 2010 by Gavin Andresen, bitcoin faucets are one of the ways through which you can generate free bitcoin without you having to invest or spend anything.

As a reward system of claiming free bitcoin, how the Bitcoin faucets work is that a bitcoin wallet holder visits a bitcoin app or bitcoin website and proceeds to complete some assigned tasks on the website or app.

These tasks come up at different times of the day on either the website or the app, and when the bitcoin wallet owner completes the different tasks of the day; their different bitcoin earnings from each completed task are accumulated and paid into the person’s bitcoin wallet.

Through Charity/Giveaways

Another way to claim free bitcoin is by generating bitcoin through bitcoin giveaways and charities.

 Just like a lot of bitcoin wallet owners got free bitcoin from Bill Pulte did in July 2020, (where he gave out over $200,000 to bitcoin wallet owners, you can see this in the image below), you can also be a lucky recipient of free bitcoin from any bitcoin giveaway or charity program.

Asides from Pulte, there are other cryptocurrency top shots who give out free bitcoin to their fans with bitcoin wallets.

Kindly note that while you are trying to generate free bitcoin through giveaways or charities, you need to be careful of scammers who claim to want to give you free bitcoin, but end up scamming you of the little that you have in the process.

Engaging in Micro tasks

Engaging in Micro tasks online is another way through which you can generate free bitcoin into your bitcoin wallet.

Micro tasks are little tasks that some cryptocurrency companies and organizations put out for people to engage in, in exchange for a little amount of bitcoin as rewards.

Examples of Micro tasks that you can engage in for free bitcoin include completing online surveys, app downloads, and testing, watching videos, signing up for an email or evaluate a blockchain project, and tagging images on social media platforms.

Playing Games

Playing games on different cryptocurrency websites is another way to claim free bitcoin. 

Uulotto is a cryptocurrency platform through which you can generate free bitcoin into your bitcoin wallet.

On Uulotto cryptocurrency platform, it is possible for a bitcoin wallet owner to generate $200 free bitcoin per hour on Uulotto by playing games on the platform such as the HI-LO game.

Also, with the Uulotto cryptocurrency platform, you have the opportunity to multiply your bitcoin. And there is the free weekly lottery that you can play to claim extra free bitcoin into your bitcoin wallet.

Free Bitcoin Mining

Mining bitcoin is another way through which you can claim free extra bitcoin. Mining free bitcoin is not as easy as the other methods.

Of a fact, bitcoin mining is not something that every bitcoin wallet owner can engage in.

Launched in the year 2009, Free bitcoin mining is a free bitcoin-generating method through which computer gurus make use of computers to provide solutions to complicated mathematical and computational puzzles that are associated with the blockchain industry.

In contrast to the other methods of generating free bitcoin, free bitcoin mining is technical as it goes deeper than just visiting sites, playing games, conducting surveys, or doing any basic tasks on the computer.

As it entails that you have a deeper understanding of the backend that are associated with different cryptocurrency platforms and websites.

In the same vein, another reason why free bitcoin mining is different from the other methods is that it can’t be carried out alone. Bitcoin miners work in a group, and they get the bitcoin mining jobs as a group (also known as a mining pool).

An example of some of the jobs that bitcoin miners carry out includes putting together different verified blocks of cryptocurrency transactions into blocks and adding them to a block chain.

Also, another job that bitcoin miners carry out is that they ensure that double spending is erased totally in the cryptocurrency industry (double-spending is a case where the bitcoin is being duplicated and reused over and over again )

And as a reward for these jobs, bitcoin miners are rewarded with free bitcoin for a good job well done.

So, there you have it, these are the five easy ways, (maybe not that easy considering that you would spend your time, energy, and intellect trying to generate these free bitcoin) through which you can claim free bitcoin into your bitcoin wallet effortlessly.

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