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How to get bitcoin freebies?

BitForex Editor
Aug 17, 2020

Welcome to the digital world, a time where the world is moving at a fast pace, and digital innovations have taken over our lives. These innovations have become a part of us, and have become a mainstay in our way of life.  Now everything can be done at the flex of a button; people now buy things from digital space without the need for fiat currency to make the exchange. This and many more reasons are why the 21st century is seen as the best time for humans to have lived. Activities can now be carried out without the need for strenuous activities or putting oneself in danger. This very fact has been made possible with the constant drive to make life easier for ourselves.

The year 2009 saw the rise of another innovation that would change the way our world is viewed and operated, as an developer was working towards releasing a new tech that would shake the world by its roots. Well, maybe it didn't go as planned initially, but the following years saw a rise to stardom that most celebrities would envy without a doubt. The release of a new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin by the an developer known by the alias Sastoshi Nakamoto, was brought into public glare, but many people overlooked its efficacy. Very few knew that a drop of new technology could be a decider in the wealth accumulation process of the coming years. Bitcoin, as this new technology is called now grown to become a reckoning force in the fintech world, and the study and pursuit of its technicalities is a well-dedicated passage. Now, everyone wants to taste its power and hold a small fraction of its capped limit in the coming years.

In this blog,  we would look at the cryptocurrency called Bitcoin, and how you can earn free bitcoins without parting with your hard-earned cash.

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What is Bitcoin

As stated above, Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is used as a trading value through a peer to peer sharing channel. Since its creation in 2009,  bitcoin has now grown the be the largest cryptocurrency offering in the world with a supply cap of about 18,335,100 bitcoins i circulation as of May 1, 2020. This cap might seem much, but very few know that the act of creating bitcoin, which is known as Mining, has a set limit of 21 million BTC, which is expected to have been mined by the year 2140.  Now, that's a lot of years not to possess a small fraction of the rising cryptocurrency. The tag rising is s given to the cryptocurrency based on several factors, as it has faced astronomical heights since its launch, going from less than a dollar to the current price of $11,310 in just 11 years since its launch. Now how does one get to have a fraction of this largesse without paying cash? How can you earn free bitcoin? As you read on, we would look at ways through which you can earn free bitcoins without stress.

How to Earn Free Bitcoin

There are several ways one can earn free bitcoins legally on the internet, while still having fun. Several platforms give users the chance to make a couple of bitcoins by taking on challenges or activities as a means to show them the value of having BTC. Now let's look at a couple of methods you can earn that digital currency right through your devices.


If perchance you have a supercomputer at home with a lot of power supply to boot, then this might just be your big break to get those coveted bitcoins. During the early days of bitcoins, a new strategy was developed to help people earn free bitcoins without parting with their money. This method, known as mining is a process where people called miners to undertake the process of record-keeping of the cryptocurrency by using a strong computer processing power. This process makes the smooth organization and transaction of the bitcoin possible without any hitch. The miners smoothly organize the blockchain and provide the smooth passage of data through the system.

Over the years, the competition of mining has been rewarding, as the prize accrued during this process is a whooping 12.5 BTC. In all honesty, the process looks easy on paper, but the work behind it has seen loads of miners burn out over the years accruing bills that they can't foot anymore.

The sad truth now is that the process has become arduous, as several big wigs have entered the mining race, thereby stifling the individual miners. Their use of bigger devices and teams of miners has seen them mine loads of BTC now in circulation.

Bitcoin Faucets

Like the literally broken faucets you have at home, the bitcoin faucets are websites that give participants little drips of bitcoin or Satoshi (the smaller unit of BTC) for several services as a reward. These free bitcoin earning websites come in different forms and activities that they offer to their participants in a bid to help them make these droplets. Most free bitcoin earning sites give the participants surveys, games, captcha, and other activities and reward them with bitcoins worth a few cents to the value of a dollar. This act seems fair enough, and for someone with a little bit of dedication, you should be able to accrue tangible bitcoins in the space of a year.

However, several free bitcoin earning websites like Cointply and Bitcoinbonus offer their participants bitcoins free BTC on the clock. With good participation, you can earn up to $200 worth of BTC.

Bitcoin Games

Another popular avenue through which you can earn bitcoins is by playing bitcoin games on several platforms. These platforms offer players BTC when they play games on their free bitcoins earning sites,  or watch their ads. With the launch of CAppTown, a subsidiary of BitForex, which allows websites to launch games under their platforms, more brands have joined the bitcoin freebie train. One such game is the Uulotto, which gives the users the chance to win free bitcoins when they play their varieties of games. Their most common game is the HI-Low games, which also offer jackpots of up to 1 BTC. With several other freebies, like their free weekly lottery where players can earn great prizes, they are among the best out there.

In conclusion, we have looked at some of the best ways to earn free bitcoin while performing tasks and activities. These free earning websites are making the knowledge of bitcoins spread while giving participants a chance to win from the largesse. So, register now and get a chance to win free bitcoins.

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