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Top 5 Best Bitcoin Faucet

BitForex Editor
Aug 17, 2020

The evolution of money is something that is happening before our eyes. From Gold to Fiat (paper money), then Credit and Debit Cards to Bank wires, and today we are talking about Cryptocurrency.  Take it or leave it, cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and very soon they will completely disrupt how we trade and transact daily.

We appreciate the fact that trading and investing in crypto could be a bit technical and risky considering the level of knowledge required to understand the dynamics of the coin. So, it is understandable for some folks to be foot-dragging while watching how the market turns out.  However, it might interest you to know that there are ways you can trade and invest in Cryptocurrency with zero risks. Today, you can earn free Bitcoin on many platforms, trade with it, and make more money for yourself. These platforms are known as crypto and Bitcoin faucets.

In this piece, we'll be unveiling the top 5 best Bitcoin Faucet in 2020 that are profitable, safe, and user-friendly. But before we do that, let's understand what Bitcoin faucets are really.

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What are Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin faucets are online platforms that reward visitors or users with free Bitcoin when they complete certain exercises on the platform. This simple exercise can be anything from online games, Ad viewing, online quiz, Captcha completion to responding to a survey.

The first faucet to hit the market in 2010 is the bitcoin faucet developed and launched by Gavin Andresen. The Bitcoin Faucet began to gain acceptance and continued to grow its credibility. This led to the emergence of other crypto faucets as coins like Ethereum, Litecoin and altcoin started latching onto the opportunity of leveraging on faucets to put their coins in the hands of many people. Today, Bitcoin faucets have become mainstream and there are several options, making it difficult to identify the best faucets. Find below the list of faucets for Bitcoin rewards.  

1. BonusBitcoin

The first on our list is the BonusBitcoin. BonusBitcoin has been around for a while and has gone through several improvements in a bid to deliver better user experience and customer satisfaction. This is one of the few platforms that can guarantee you instant cash-out. One of their value proposition is the fact that visitors can claim their earnings (reward) within 15 minutes or less.  There is also an option for visitors who desires to increase there earning using the coin multiplier feature or exploring the survey section on the platform.

BonusBitcoin Faucet is in partnership with a micro-wallet company, Coinpot, which is responsible for handling their payouts. As a result, the minimum payout amount on Coinpot is 10K Satoshis with a transaction fee. Even though this third party involvement can be a hassle sometimes, it has never failed. They have continued to leave up to their promise.

2. Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin was launched in 2015 with the intent to introduce a new vertical as to how users are rewarded. Moon Bitcoin developers were resolute on giving users control and that is why they integrated a feature that enables the user to choose and set the frequency of their claim, unlike the other faucet platforms that already set a standing claim time.

The platform is user-focused even though that there is a business end to the model they introduced. Moon Bitcoin would require you to procure a crypto wallet on the Coinpot platform, where all your rewards will be transferred. You can ultimately move the earnings to another wallet when you want to cash out but initially, all your rewards and earnings must go through the CoinPot wallet.

3. Uulotto

Just like the Bitcoin Faucet mentioned above, Uulotto is putting smiles on the faces of many crypto enthusiasts all over the world with their $200 worth of Bitcoins they are giving out every hour. You don't need to do anything special to earn this. As you read this now, you can pause and dive straight to their website, you might find yourself coming out 200$ BTC richer without spending a dime. All you need to do is participate in a simple game and you can become one of the many lucky winners.

They are also offering users the option of winning big in their weekly lottery games. All you need to do is refer someone to participate in the free bitcoin game on their platform and you will be rewarded with a ticket for the lottery.  If you decide to deposit your reward with them, it starts accumulating interest for you. This is just a win-win offering.

4. Cointiply

Cointiply a relatively new Bitcoin faucet was launched in 2018, but since then, they have gone ahead to conquer the market.  Their platform is arguably one of the most user-friendly with a cool user interface and several trading tools that make for good user experience.  You can seamlessly win and claim up to $200 BTC within an hour or less.

You can check the platform out. If you are lucky, you might take advantage of their coin multiplier feature to increase your earning in record time.

5. Bitcoinker

Bitcoinker is another Faucet that has been around for a while too, with lots of good reviews to show for that. It has helped many crypto enthusiasts get comfortable with trading in crypto-currency. Users get rewarded with 100K Satoshis every 5 minutes on the Bitcoinker platform, with a minimum payout as alow as 7 Satoshis.

You can also increase your earnings by referring other users. These commissions can grow from 10% to as much as 25% for every referral. Users are paid weekly to their crypto wallets which they can withdraw from seamlessly.

We have recommended 5 faucets in this piece. You must not settle for one. It's ok to get onboard a number of them and create your tabs. Faucets are making Bitcoin trading and claiming easy. This is even made easier with these bonus bitcoin faucets listed above. Start earning today.

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