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Trusted Techniques To Instantly Earn Free Bitcoin

BitForex Editor
Aug 17, 2020

We sometimes have flashbacks to those times when the value of Bitcoin was seemingly irrelevant, so minute and inconsequential. Who knew that the once insignificant currency would move on to become one of the world's biggest economic revolution. The bitcoin cryptocurrency came at a rather unique time into the economy, leaving everyone skeptical as to the outcome of its success. But the few who were bold enough to take the risks have the results to reward them for their spectacular leap of faith. Right now, presently, there is no one doubting the legitimacy of this cryptocurrency as it has exponentially risen to become one of the top modes of exchange and transaction around the world, with rumors of it beating fiat currencies. What's more, the value of bitcoins doesn't seem to be depreciating but witnesses an exponential and consistent increase.

Now, with Bitcoin's fast-tracking increase in value, obtaining bitcoins has suddenly turned into a herculean task with very little, and  unmotivational results. It's value is now an open secret, it's suddenly a hot commodity, and everyone seems to be hoarding this precious good, or those willing to sell would only do so at a ridiculously high rate.

Here's where the good news comes in, apparently, there are ways to legitimately earn free bitcoins. Yes, absolutely free and who doesn't like a few freebies here and there. Only this time your freebie isn't some random stuff nobody wants, it's Bitcoin, which is only the most prominent cryptocurrency in the world. In this article, we would look at methods through which you can earn bitcoin for free.


Methods Of Earning Free Bitcoin

There are a thousand and one methods that'll be sold to you out there on how to earn free bitcoins, but the trick is finding the most effective and low-risk methods. One of the most popular was through mining, which would be advisable to forego. Surprisingly, this method seems to hold a lot of appeal to people as they see it as a sort of pennies from heaven.

The concept of mining was originally initiated by Bitcoin founder, "Satoshi Nakamoto," to counter the effect of double-spending by Bitcoin users, which was running rampant at that moment. So it could be said that these miners were paid to verify and authenticate transactions and then get paid in cryptocurrency. This all seems good and fine till you realize that you have to work for a minimum of 1mb to earn Bitcoins. This should have been easy enough to go through with, except for the fact that that the number of transactions and authentications that needed to be completed to earn that 1mb wasn't set. In fact, it was almost based on luck. It could be just a transaction or even a thousand transaction. Overall, this isn't having a good look. Not to mention the incredible and insane amount of effort that has to be invested with no guarantees and the fact that a miners profit is slashed every four years. Mining might have seemed like a good idea a few years ago, but the top dogs have inadvertently dominated this area with thousands of dollars invested in computer power and hardware. To stand a chance in this field, you'll have to spend a lot of money on hardware; otherwise, you might end up spending more money than you earn.

But thankfully over the years, new methods of effectively earning free Bitcoins has cropped up..

1.  Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are website features that encourage their audience to perform certain features like completing a captcha, a task, or participating in a simple game to win a little number of bitcoins in reward. Most times, these bitcoins are equivalent to a relatively small amount of money within the range of 10 cents to a dollar depending on the website, and the user gets free BTC faucet instant payout. Over the years, a couple of Bitcoin faucets has been introduced, and some with a rather rewarding rate.

For most Bitcoin faucets, advertising seems to be a major source of income for them. Here are some of the top bitcoin faucet in 2020;

  •; With an hourly rate of about 18 to 300 stochis per hour which is an equivalent to $200 in the usual currency
  •; This website offers an exciting way of earning money with over 200 to 3000 satoshis per hour.
  •; They provide a straight-forward and effective way of earning bitcoins with a rate of 100-1200 satoshis per hour

2.  Bitcoin Games

The development of bitcoin games has introduced a fun and exciting way to earn bitcoins easily. This system is similar to the bitcoin faucet except that with the bitcoin games, you are entertained in the process of earning. A major similarity between the bitcoin faucets and games is that they both earn through ads. Although the bitcoin games might provide a more exciting way to earn coins, it comes with a disadvantage and risk of losing a game. Overall, if the thought of an occasional ad popping up once in a while doesn't affect you, you might actually enjoy the available games while passing time and earning all at once.

One of the best gaming sites to actively earn bitcoins would be the Uulotto


Uulotto is known to be one of the bitcoin games with the highest payouts of up to $200 per hour. The idea of this site and system is pretty simple. They offer you a variety of HI and LO games to suit your various interests. With each game played, bitcoin is earned until you've accumulated to a specific limit to activate your asset's withdrawal. This website also contains other exciting features like:

  • Occasional HI-LO jackpot of up to 1Bitcoin
  • Weekly free lotteries
  • As well as a 50% referral commission package

3. Referrals Systems And Affiliate Programs

The referral system is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to earn bitcoins, especially if you have a large follower base, either as a blogger or social media personality. This way you share the affiliate link for a website that offers these services for your friends to sign up on. Of course, you would be receiving a commission in bitcoins for every person that signs up. For affiliate programs, this would involve signing up for an affiliate link rather than a direct link. Some of these affiliate links offer a reward of up to $10 worth of bitcoin.

 Another way of earning free bitcoins would be to go through the traditional method of buying bitcoins and hoping the value increases over time. A trusted site to go about the trading of Bitcoin safely would be Bitforex. They provide a safe and tested platform for bitcoin trading at the best rate. With over a hundred currencies available to trade and an extensive network in over 200 countries, Bitforex has proven itself as a dependable source to legitimately buy and sell cryptocurrency while ensuring that your data provided remains confidential. Not to mention their recently developed extra referral bonus package which serves as an added benefit.

In conclusion, generally, cryptocurrencies tend to be a speculative and volatile way of earning money. With a lot of ideas and promises being passed around as the real deal, it is up to you to methodically make your research on the best route to take cause at the end of the day, cryptocurrency would remain a worthwhile route to take.

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