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Ecomi Collect: The Online Shopping Mall For Digital Artwork And Collectibles

BitForex Editor
Mar 24, 2021

Less than a decade ago, no one would have ever thought they could create their own legal tender talk more of using their own currency to buy and sell valuable items online without the help of a middleman. But that's the times we live in now and how lucky we are!

ECOMI has made it their sole objective to dominate the digital collectibles industry and their latest pioneering exploits have birthed the 'ECOMI Collect'. So what is this ECOMI collect that your friends and colleagues can't stop talking about? And how is it a game-changer? Why don't we find out

Ecomi Collect

ECOMI Collect is not just merely the latest innovation to originate from the manipulation of the blockchain platform which allows instant peer-to-peer sales and exchange of valuable artwork and collectibles online.

It is a global online platform/shop that enables premium licensed digital collectibles to be sold, purchased, and collected with the use of DLT(Distributed Ledger Technology). ECOMI Collect is a product of the ECOMI company which is a technology company situated in Singapore, the company has been experiencing a meteoric rise in fame since the launch of its marketplace.

As the new app has also largely boosted its popularity, the ECOMI ecosystem now supports three key factions; Secure wallet, ECOMI Collect, and VE-VE digital wallet.

What Are The Features Of Ecomi Collect?

Now that we have an idea of what ECOMI Collect is, you may be wondering, "what does this platform do exactly? And how can it serve me?", Below are the amazing features and capabilities that the platform possesses;

• You get to purchase your favorite series and characters at an instant, from anywhere around the globe.

• With the platform, you can build and manage your personal showroom, displaying digital collectibles.

ECOMI Collect enables the production of custom scenes with collectible characters, props, and scenes.

• You can share your showroom and the collectibles on both social networks and your personal 'space' in the VE-VE app, allowing other users to offer their opinions on your collection.

• There's a secondary marketplace where members of the ECOMI community can connect to buy, sell, and trade collectibles

This platform has proven to be a game-changer in the art and collectibles industry as the market has become more interactive, and with the middlemen taken out of the picture(by the use of DLTs), the profit margins are now much higher.

The Role Of Blockchain In The Success Of Its Digital Collectibles Trade

It will take the populace a lot more years of sleeping on the blockchain technology before they realize how much of a groundbreaker it is.

Before its release in 2011, nobody ever believed that digital currency could ever work because of two things; security and value. How are we sure our money is safe? And how do we estimate the value of the currency? But the regenerative nature of the blockchain itself solves these problems.

The technology runs on blocks that when filled up with information, build a new block over itself, making each inputted information more secure as the platform is continually used. Since the advent of blockchain/DLT, digital assets can now obtain the important features that make physical collectibles unique; Rarity, Scarcity, and Intrinsic Value.

These digital collectibles can keep their value by being created and transferred as NFTs(Non-fungible tokens).

NFTs are verifiably unique tokens that represent a whole unit i.e they cannot be divided into smaller units. These tokens can be used to trace the sale and ownership of the digital collectibles on an immutable record, the ledger.

There are four important factors in which blockchain aids ECOMI in transitioning from physical to digital collectibles, they include;

1. Rarity and scarcity

Digital collectibles are released by ECOMI Collect in a limited number of batches referred to as 'batches'. So if for example; A thousand collectibles make a Series, they are divided into 5 major categories ranging from the 62% group referred to as the the 'Common', to the 1% group called the 'Secret-Rare', DLT in conjunction with NFT standard are the driving force behind the generation of these limited number of assets.

2. Peer-to-peer transfer

The way ECOMI Collect operates, when a transfer occurs on the platform, the asset's ownership is promptly transferred to the new owner as the ownership status of the previous bearer of the collectible is simultaneously revoked. This process facilitates a stress-free trade, buying, and selling of collectibles amongst users because ECOMI Collect leveraged the trustless transfer of the blockchain technology.

3. Environmental impact and Product distribution

Due to recent technology advancements, digital assets can be distributed from one party to another instantly from different parts of the world, all you need is a smartphone and you're good to go.

This is no mean feat as it was seen as impossible some years back, now, licensors and creators can increase the reach of their brand, enjoy good inherent value, and distribute collectibles cost-effectively with no need for the heavy-lifting.

4. Counterfeit protection

Arguably the most important characteristic that ECOMI Collect exploits from the blockchain technology is the uniqueness of each generated asset, thus, no collectible can be duplicated or tampered with.

This way, the owners, IP creators, and buyers are all protected as each digital collectible ties ownership to the verified owner as it is recorded in the Blockchain.


The ECOMI VE-VE is the ECOMI Collect app that serves as an online one-stop-shop for digital assets to be traded between users. The VE-VE app lets users enjoy true ownership of premium digital assets, they can from the comfort of their home and at the click of a button, access the collectibles marketplace.

You can obtain a common or one-of-a-kind digital collectible, display them on social networks and trade them with fellow ECOMI community members. The full features of the VE-VE app include:

• Utilizes a deflationary token economic system that is linked directly to the sale of digital collectibles

• Leverages intellectual property and licensing to create digital assets based on the world's largest brands

• Supports social media integration and sharing

• NFT minting allows for the creation of rarity and scarcity of digital assets

• Makes use of AR(Augmented Reality) to bring your collectibles to life and create custom scenes

• It offers both hot and cold water storage

• It features in-app gaming, a forever-evolving potentially multi-billion dollar market

The OMI Token

VE-VE is a digital collectibles trading platform that's based on blockchain technology, for these digital assets to be owned and traded by users, the platform makes use of a token. This token is known as OMI.

The OMI token serves as a medium of exchange for the buying, selling, and trading of digital collectibles as it ensures an immutable record, the DLT ensures that your purchase is real and legitimate. This token is a utility token i.e it was designed with the intent of being exchanged for digital collectibles found in the VE-VE platform. The basic details and metrics of this token are laid out below;

• Ticker symbol: OMI

• Total supply: 750bn OMI

• Token type: GO20 (GoChain)

The OMI token is a GO20 token, this means it's built on the GoChain blockchain. It was sold on an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) to raise funds to build and develop the ECOMI VE-VE app. They can be purchased on several exchanges including BitForex and Uniswap using the ticker symbol 'OMI'.

What Wallets Can You Use For Transactions On The Ecomi Platform?

Two wallets can be used to store collectibles as NFTs, these wallets along with the ECOMI Collect app represents the three branches of the ECOMI database. These wallets include;

1. ECOMI Secure Wallet

Representing the most well-rounded cold storage presently in the market, the ECOMI Secure wallet is a hardware device used for storing tokens. It is a water-proof, wireless, and very durable storage device with long-lasting battery life and its net size and thickness are no larger than that of a credit card.

The Secure Wallet is an innovative and portable design that makes use of cryptographic technology to provide the highest level of security available. Features of the ECOMI Secure wallet include;

• Stores 600+ ERC20 tokens

• Can store large-cap crypto coins like Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, etc.

• Stores both GoChain and the OMI token

• It stores and displays your favorite digital assets based on the standard of the ERC721 token

• Exchange and conversion of cryptocurrencies can be done from within the app

2. VEVE Digital Wallet

The VE-VE wallet was cut from the same cloth as the ECOMI Secure wallet, sharing a similar layout design and using security features. The wallet was specially designed to integrate solely with the VE-VE app which separates its functions slightly from the Secure wallet's and limits the features also.

The VE-VE wallet is a retail product which only stores NFTs (Collectibles) and the OMI tokens, It is sold both online and as part of a collector's 'starter pack' in the local tech shops. This also includes a redeemable code for a rare digital asset.

Through the use of acquired licenses, this cold storage solution aids the redesigning of the wallet to feature a variety of major brands and the creation of limited edition wallets and digital collectibles which also makes the device a collectible item.

Final Analysis

Blockchain has continued to prove its undeniable limitless function with the innovation of the ECOMI Collect platform. Before the introduction of blockchain, digital collectibles had little to no value, only being sold and traded between niche groups who decide their value.

But now, anyone can jump on the Collectibles trade train as over 15 of the world's largest licenses and brands have already been confirmed by ECOMI. The already multi-billion dollar industry of digital collectibles and artworks owes a good percentage of its progress to ECOMI's pioneering technology. ECOMI Collect is prepared to create a new, digital for the next generation of collect-o-mania and we simply can't wait!

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