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What is Ecomi Collect?

BitForex Editor
Mar 24, 2021

What a time to be alive? We now live in a saturated world with people clamoring for collectibles in all shapes and forms. From trading cards to toys and even figurines, everything is collectible these days. Interest in collectibles has always existed since the history of man but has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. People have full jobs invested in collecting top brands such as Pokémon, NBA cards, and other valuable goods. However, technology has become a tool that has revolutionized everything in its wake. Collectibles are not left out in this restructuring and improvement of the human standard of living. Therefore, the introduction of ECOMI collect has introduced the business of collectibles to the digital sect.

There will be no way to fully understand ECOMI Collect without taking a sneak peek into the company that makes collectibles digital.

What is Ecomi?

Many companies have tried to move the collectibles industry to the digital space; however, it is evident that ECOMI leads in transitioning the collectible industry's operation to the digital landscape. ECOMI is a company immersed in technology that offers a shop for digital collectibles through the ECOMI Collect app. The company seeks to harness the pop culture and entertainment of the 21st century and infuse it with its app.

Ecomi Collect

This is thrilling for those collectible enthusiasts to trade their premium licensed collectibles. It is also a place where users can trade other virtual goods on the platform. The app already has 15 top brand licenses confirmed, and with that, it continues to expand t operations in different areas of the collectibles industry. The app seeks corporate premium licenses from animations, entertainment series, movies, gaming, digital art, and famous characters.

The app is a unifying latter where kids and adults can find new obsessions in the digital space.

ECOMI Collect also has its wallet and registration field to add users' preferences to make the experience more enjoyable.

What Can Users Do With The App?

The app affords users to browse through various licensed collectibles and purchase them to use digitally. The app also notifies users of the best updates for their series or related characters of available collectibles.

Users find it even more interesting than the app allows them to build their showroom. They can customize the scenes using their characters and props to make their time on the app more appealing.

The app also improves the social media element of sharing users' collectibles with their community. People can comment on the collection and even make new friends through interaction. It connects people of the same likes and builds a massive online community where people can talk about all things collectibles.

Here is one of the perks of using the collectibles app. Imagine having to interact with Iron man in real-life. The marvel fans will freak out if Tony Stark appears in their room to interact with them. The app allows users to communicate with the collectibles through Augmented Reality, putting a real spin on how the collectibles industry works. This endears more people to the industry with the prospect of talking to their childhood heroes.

There is also a secondary marketplace where users can trade their collectibles with other ECOMI community members.

Interestingly, the ECOMI app, real soon, seeks to unleash an in-app gaming fratire that will allow users collectibles to interact with each other. The ECOMI app is poised to change the world through its underlying technology, which allows users to have the best digital experience of their lives.

How Does Ecomi Collect Work?

The ECOMI collect app operates through a fascinating endless, and dynamic chain of events propelled by blockchain technology. The app uses blockchain protocol to ensure that the users trade the collectibles, digital assets securely. These collectibles are traded in the form of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). For users to successfully trade and get the original owner's collectibles and vice versa, the app uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). This is to certify that the person sending and receiving the assets are the legitimate parties.

In improving the transaction of digital tastes and tightening up the security, ECOMI found the best thing to do was partner with GoChain. This enterprise is renowned for building full-service blockchain protocol based entirely on an industry codebase. The partnership with GoChain seeks to enhance the transaction speeds among uses of the app and intensify smart contracts.

Omi Token

ECOMI native token is known as the OMI token; this is deployed as a GO-20 token on the Gochain enterprise's main-net. When there is a trade on the ECOMI app, the user pays for the collectible, ECOMI app exchanges the OMI token for the NFT. The buyer automatically becomes a registered owner of a digital asset of their choosing. It is that simple, but making a new digital asset or a collectible takes a more detailed process.

How A New Collectible Is Made

ECOMU will mint a new NFT with a relevant URL linked to the NFT for the metadata description of the collectible to be visible. Furthermore, the collectible name, licensor, links or the NFTs, series, clothing, props, and other forms of the collectible are also added.

These new collectible indicators also show the authenticity of the newly minted asset for the users to enjoy. Once the process of minting is complete, the ownership is delivered to an address for security purposes. After that, ECOMI manages and secures the asset on behalf of the owner, known as the hybrid model. The DLT comes into play here and certifies that the owner is the right person.


The ECOMI group is striving to change the way the world sees collectibles, therefore, adding a new spin by incorporating blockchain technology to ensure the security and ease of transaction for users. As a multi-billion-dollar industry, it is prone to several attacks from hackers; therefore, ECOMI seeks to bolster the app's security through immutability features and ensure the users' experience is not hampered in any way.

There will be no way to fully understand ECOMI Collect without taking a sneak peek into the company that makes collectibles digital.

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