AIS-X" the Mongolian based next-generation cryptocurrency exchange

Subscription Time: 2019/08/15 21:00 - 2019/08/16 9:00 (GMT+8)

Allocation: 5,000,000 AIS

Price: 0.1 USD

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1. Participation in Alternative Investment and Security Exchange (AIS) subscription requires completion of KYC certification; 2. There is no handling fee for the transaction; 3. Individual cap per round for each account is 10,000 AIS; 4. The minimum order amount per round for a single account is 1,000 AIS. Enable Verification


AIS Official Website
AIS Whitepaper


About the Exchange Coin

The AIS token is a native coin of the cryptocurrency exchange AIS-X. The AIS coin will be created by Tomochain and will take advantage of the superior technology provided by Tomochain. 【 Insert AIS_image01.png 】 As the exchange token, AIS has the following features: 1. Discount of transaction, withdrawal, and listing fee 2. Key cryptocurrency 3. Voting rights for new ICOs

About the Exchange

By having AIS in the account on the exchange, the AIS holder will receive Triple Bonus derived from the various business eneterprise invested by the AIS Project. These enterprises will be comprised of : 1. Cryptocurrency exchange 2. Cryptocurrency mining enterprise 3. Resource mining enterprise


Bank Affiliation

By affiliating with a bank in Mongolia, account activities will become possible with the bank and the cryptocurrency exchange AIS-X. 【 Insert AIS_image02.png 】 ● Registered users of AIS-X will be able to set up a bank account with the affiliate bank ● Purchasing of cryptocurrency(※1) using legal currency on the AIS-X exchange ● Exchanging cryptocurrency( ※1) retained in AIS-X exchange account to legal currency (MNT, USD) ● Issuing a new debit card (※2) from affiliate bank (※1)only major currencies such as BTC and ETH (※2)not from multiple banks but from a single affiliated bank.

Resource Mining

Together with the NI Bank, the AIS Project plans to establish a new resource mining project in Mongolia with the aid of expert international mining company. The project will excavate gold,bronze, and coal but will specialize in mining rare metals and rare earth. The amount of rare metals mined like Molybdenum, Nickle, and Tungsten is top ranked in the world.

AIS Token Sale and Economics

  • Token Sale Start Time 2019/08/15 21:00 - 2019/08/16 9:00 (GMT+8)
  • Token Sale Token Price 0.1 USD
  • Turbo Allocation 5,000,000 AIS
  • Bonus NONE
  • Total Token Supply 2,300,000,000 AIS
  • Token Sale Vesting Period NONE
  • Individual Cap 10,000 AIS
  • The Minimum Order Amount 1,000 AIS
  • Private Sale Token Price 0.2
  • Private Sale Allocation 50% of Total Token Supply
  • Private Sale Vesting Period 30 days after AIS trading starts on AIS-X exchange
  • Token Type TRC-20


Public Sale 50% Foundation 20% Team 15% Advisory 10% Bounty 5%


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