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The Public/Private Hybrid Blockchain Built for Enterprise
  • Start Time:2019/04/10 21:00:00 (GMT+8)
  • End Time:2019/04/12 21:00:00 (GMT+8)
  • UND Turbo Allocation:8,000,000 UND
  • Price:0.05 USD
  • Trading Pairs::UND/ETH trading through market orders
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Important Notice

  • 1.Token sale participants are required to complete the ID verification (KYC) on their account and also meet the BitForex Turbo eligibility requirements. Enable Verification
  • 2.15 ETH equivalent UND for each account
  • 3. Minimum Purchase: 1 ETH equivalent UND for each account


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A Public/Private Blockchain ecosystem that allows deployment of WRKChains. WRKChains replace “DAPPS” and are operated independently from the Mainchain with a fixed UND price.. This allows predictable cost metrics with unlimited horizontal scalability and 100% interoperability across various WRKChains. Block rewards for Mainchain are issued to the top 96 MasterStakers.

Core Features

The Unification Ecosystem has two parts: Mainchain and WRKChains. Each with different responsibilities and benefits.


Mainchain consists of Block Validators who operate via a Distributed Stake Governance (DSG) Consensus mechanism and is powered by the United Network Distribution (UND) Token In order to fully optimize and focus resources, Mainchain can only execute three tasks. 1. UND - UND wallet transfers 2. Executing “Expansion Logs” which power and enable WRKChains 3. Maintaining a log of voting and whitelist for allowed validators on the network.


WRKChains can be thought of as independent blockchains deployed via an expansion log. There are numerous configuration options available which allow enterprises and developers to customize according to their needs. WRKChains will “check in” with Mainchain on every produced block with the headers of this block. This by default creates a situation where by maintaining their own chain/coin/consensus mechanism -the deployers of the WRKChain can control cost and scalability while by broadcasting the headers of that block for the immutable Mainchain to record, they share the inherent public trust of Mainchain and will not be able to reorganize previous blocks due to a merkle tree being included in the header.

UND Token Sale and Economics

  • Token Sale Start Time2019/04/10 21:00 (GMT+8)
  • Token Sale End Time2019/04/12 21:00 (GMT+8)
  • Hard Cap400,000 USD equivalent ETH
  • Total Token Supply1,000,000,000 UND
  • Initial Circulating Supply2.9% of Total Token Supply
  • Token Sale Token Price0.05 USD (price in ETH will be determined 1 day prior)
  • Turbo Allocation8,000,000 UND (0.8% of Total Token Supply)
  • Token Sale Vesting PeriodNo lockup
  • Individual Cap15ETH
  • The minimum order amount1ETH
  • Private Sale Token Price1 UND = 0.05 USD
  • Private Sale Allocation2.1% of Total Token Supply
  • Private Sale Vesting PeriodATD (Algorithmic Token Distribution)
  • Algorithmic Token DistributionERC-20
  • Token TypeThe team will set a number between 0–6% of the total daily REAL VOLUME and slowly sell that amount into the market at the current market rate following certain algorithmic principles that allows this to happen without creating unhealthy market conditions. This number is set daily and typically is around 3% but will be adjusted to 0% as needed during strong climates. Target is to maintain at minimum 20% of the token supply for foundation reserves to align long term incentives.


  • Enterprise - 32% Foundation Incentive - 20% Team -12% Advisory - 5% Equity Investors - 13.50% Investors - 1.5% Market Support - 1.5% Foundation distribution pool - 14.5%

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